Schutz-Team is a German security firm providing a full range of professional protective security services.

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Expose of our services

Since 1987 we are in the business of successfully providing safety, security and professional, efficient service for our clients.

  • guard and security
  • close personal protection
  • security consulting
  • threat assessment
  • international executive protection
  • executive travel support and facilitation services
  • Liaison with German authorities
  • Alarm systems
  • guard and corporate protective detail
  • armoured car services
  • Fairs and expositions
  • admittance personell and systems
  • usher and cashier services
  • valet parking services
  • affiliated services
  • support of local authorities
  • traffic controlfacilities
  • servicemoney handling

our security advice

While traveling in foreign countries there is a latent risk of becoming victim of a criminal offense or even more seriously, a terrorist attack.

3 simple rules will help you to lower your risk:

Get to know the customs and ususes of the country you will be visiting.

Make it a habit to have your hotel or the local office of your company know where you are at any specific time. Is your company sending you abroad, do not hesitate to ask a local colleague of your company for advice and tips on where to go. He will most certainly be glad to help and most importantly is definitely more trustworthy than anyperson asked for advice on the street.    Learn at least how to call for help and the police in the local language Last not least: keep a low profile! The following links will lead you to the US State Department´s travel warnings and Consular information sheet. Take the time to look up the country you will be visiting.1. you will be paying for it anyway and 2. you might be surprised!

US State Department warnings

US State Department travel publications